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Today we will take a look at the Middle region and their popular cuisines, then we will take a look at Hoi An Old town. Welcome to Lingo Connector’s Where to go and eat series, in which we show you where the authentic taste is.

Quang Noodles

Quang noodles do not have an "immutable" recipe but are very diverse in flavor such as Quang noodles with shrimp meat, Quang noodles with snakehead fish, Quang noodles with crab cakes... Quang noodles are dry dishes but some places serve them with pork bone broth, then mixed with roasted peanuts and crispy sesame rice paper.

Image 1. A bowl of Quang noodles

If you come to Da Nang on the first day of the lunar calendar, it will be difficult to find a bowl of meat noodles, instead, it is Quang vegetarian noodles with main ingredients from tofu, mushrooms, and lotus tubers will be served for the rest of the day.

Image 2. A bowl of Quang vegan noodles

A small bowl of Quang noodles is about 15,000 VND, and a large bowl is about 20,000 - 30,000 VND, in addition to a special bowl, the price can be up to 40,000 VND.
Pork rice paper

A fairly simple dish, but it is the careful selection of ingredients that makes the dish special. Pork only takes the butt or shoulder, the accompanying vegetables must be fresh such as lettuce, basil, lettuce, banana flower, cucumber, green banana, bean sprouts...

Image 3. A serving of Pork with rice paper

This dish is also sold with an irreplaceable dipping sauce. Rice paper with pork is sold at a rate of about 50,000 - 200,000 VND per serving

Cau Mong rare roast calf

Da Nang people also call this dish by the familiar name "Cau Mong rare calf". When the calf comes out of the oven, it must have two layers of rare, well-cooked meat, the skin is cooked to the point of transparency and is both crispy and soft.

Image 4. A serving of Rare roasted calf

Dipping sauce made from whole anchovies with sugar, garlic, chili, ginger, and roasted sesame. When eaten, there are more herbs and rice paper, almost like a pork roll. Cau Mong calf is priced from 350,000 to 380,000 VND per kg.

Nam O fish salad

When eating, the dry salad is served with a firm hand-rolled rice paper, inside is a fish salad, and fresh vegetables with delicious dipping sauce. The fish that makes this dish can be made from sardines, anchovies, or carp... but the most delicious is still herring. The special feature of Nam O fish salad is the dipping sauce made from boiled fish juice, mixed with Nam O fish sauce, chili, tapioca starch, and MSG (monosodium glutamate). In addition to the usual accompanying vegetables, Nam O fish salad also has forest toads, healthy barbs, brocade leaves, and orchid hearts... which only grow on Hai Van pass.

Image 5. A serving of Nam O fish salad

The attractive fish salad with fresh and sweet fish meat is absorbed in the rich spicy broth, prepared from the famous Nam O fish sauce. Nam O fish salad costs about 80,000 VND per serving, enough for 2 people to eat.
Banh xeo with spring rolls

Banh xeo or sizzle pancake is preferred to the sound of the sizzling oil that cooks the batter, shops are concentrated on Hoang Dieu, Trung Nu Vuong, Chau Thi Vinh Te, and Dong Da streets.

Image 6. A serving of Banh xeo

Central region sizzle pancakes are usually as small as a plate, which make crispy they are crispy, and then rolled the rice paper is more suitable. The accompanying condiment is hot soy sauce, just the right taste to dip the cake.

The average price is from 20,000 to 100,000 VND depending on the number of pancakes and spring rolls.

Discover how to enjoy the full taste of Banh Xeo here with this video.

Seasoned vermicelli with fish sauce

This is a popular specialty that is easy to find in Da Nang. A full bowl of vermicelli with pork, pork ears, beef rolls, spring rolls, herbs, papaya fibers, or thinly grated young jackfruit, with a cup of seasoning sauce. The indispensable spice of the Quang dish is the fleshy taste of peanuts and crispy pieces of rice paper cracker. The fish sauce serves with this dish is not the same with the popular fish sauce as it is not as trasparent, more muddy and have a more a puncture smell. This came from the whole herrings carcasses being mixed with the liquid fish sauce.

Image 7. A bowl of Seasoned vermicelli with fish sauce

Enjoying vermicelli noodles at stalls, sidewalk shops, or at the market will give the most complete feeling. You can try seasoned vermicelli noodles at Con market or Han market in the afternoon, priced from 15,000 to 30,000 VND per bowl.

Rice noodles with barbecue

Like vermicelli with seasoning, grilled pork vermicelli is a familiar dish to Da Nang people. Grilled pork vermicelli in Da Nang is served with soy sauce, both fatty and fleshy made from pork liver, ground meat, soy sauce, and some other ingredients.

Image 8. A bowl of Rice noodles with barbecue

This dish is very easy to find, the price is about 15,000 – 30,000 VND per bowl.

Mixed jackfruit salad

Mixed jackfruit is a favorite dish of many people, the main ingredients are young jackfruit, pork skin, dried beef, with peanuts, mix well and then break a piece of rice paper to eat.

Image 9. Mixed jackfruit salad

This dish is concentrated in the "snack village" on Bui Thi Xuan street, at the foot of Tran Thi Ly bridge, or the old lady's jackfruit shop in the alley on Ly Thai To street - there is no signboard but always crowded with customers. If you are a tourist, you should arrive before 5 am to get a seat and learn more about how this dish is prepared.

The price of each plate of mixed jackfruit salad is about 20,000 VND.

Suction snail

If you are a French coming for a trip in Vietnam during the vacation, you read about the various dishes with snails and various small mollusc species consumed in Vietnam. This is some of the best local foods you will get to try out in Vietnam. Snails in Da Nang are often processed in many flavors: from stir-fried coconut, to stir-fried with chili pepper or boiled or steamed with lemongrass, they are all fragrant and hot serving. This dish is brought out and put on the table with sour and spicy papaya fiber, according to the taste of the Central region.

Image 10. A serving of suction snails "Ốc hút"

The price for each portion is from 15,000 to 30,000 VND.

Salted yogurt

Walking all day in Da Nang is the ideal activities to discover many impressive dishes and the cuisines of the Middle region, however by the time you got to all the locations, you must have lost quite an amount of minerals and moisture inside your body. Something icy, cold and pretty salty is guaranteed to hit you right on the spot. May I present to you salted yoghurt.

Seeks out the closest outside markets and ask the locals around, you will find some places that sells this simple cold delicacy. The owner usually brings out a tray of about 10 jars of yogurt with a plate of white salt. How much customers eat will be charged now.

Image 11. Yoghurt with table salt for taste

Da Nang salted yogurt is soft, and not too fat. At first, other people will feel the salty taste of salt, then the sweetness of yogurt will stay in the throat.

The price is 1,000 VND a jar.

Feel full yet? Wonder what will you eat tomorrow after go through all of this delicious food? Here is a video to challenge yourself with a bang for your buck

That is it for this post. Next time we will take a look at the two-part Hoi An food discovery. Join Lingo Connector now to discover more of Vietnam’s unique cuisines.


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