Volunteers Needed for Social Change
Job category: Nonprofit
City/Province: Ho Chi Minh Ha Noi Da Nang Bac Giang Nam Dinh Nghe An Quang Nam Thai Binh Thanh Hoa Tuyen Quang
Job type: Voluntary
The poster: Dane Truong
Job specifics:


Coins for Change is a social enterprise that aids marginalized Vietnamese women and children. Our goal is to empower women with skills and resources to overcome social and economic challenges and to pursue opportunities.

Our programs serve low-income, urban and rural families through educational and business support. With a focus on serving low-income women, such as ethnic minorities in rural areas, domestic violence survivors, single mothers, and disabled women, we help remove the obstacles that prevent these disadvantaged groups from achieving success and gender equality within their communities, and therefore within Vietnam.


Officially established in December 2015, C4C now offers a wide range of services related to education and business within Vietnam through two programs: Teach for Change & The Empowerment Plan.

- Teach for Change provides English language classes to Vietnamese children from low-income families. With the help of our passionate international volunteer teachers, we are able to provide English language services to children whose families could not otherwise afford them. In a country where English fluency is rapidly becoming a necessary skill to compete in the national and global job market, providing these classes has become a vital part of increasing gender, ethnic, and general social equality within disadvantaged regions of Vietnam.

- The Empowerment Plan aims to support disadvantaged women from multiple demographics in Vietnam, including single mothers, disabled women, ethnic minority women, domestic violence survivors, and more. Coins For Change aids these marginalized groups through a holistic approach that includes support from an expansive online network, free vocational training, job placement, online & offline support groups, business opportunities and free or low-cost English classes for children.


- Purpose

To be a leader in education and gender development in Vietnam by providing comprehensive services, networks and economic opportunities;

- Vision

We envision a Vietnam where women can participate equally in society and in the economy;

- Mission statement

Empowering women through skills, confidence, participation and rights.

To build long term relationships with our clients by pursuing business through innovation, cultural understanding and supportive projects;

- Core Values

We believe in treating our clients with respect and dignity;

We grow through creativity, cultural understanding and mutual support;

We integrate honesty, integrity and ethical business models into all aspects of our business projects;

- Goals

To expand nationally in the field of education and gender development, while developing a strong base of primary clients in order to become a key player in the sector.


- Her Craft

- Her Academy


by January 2019:

- 11,025 students taught at 12 English learning centers in 10 provinces;

- 532 volunteer teachers;

- 24 ethnic minority women & 42 single mothers are trained and now working at Her Craft;

- 103,000 members active and receiving supports from Her Academy online support group;

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Company information & Contact information:


Application: https://forms.gle/hT9SF4A6kkuti2176

Website: www.coinsforchange.net

Volunteers Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/volunteerVietnamforfree

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/coins-for-change-vietnam

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