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City/Province: Dong Nai
Job type: Voluntary
The poster: La Xuan Hong
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The purpose of the English class is to encourage the local people to study English with the hope that they can confidently introduce their villages to international visitors, and to be able to join in some community projects at international level. This free English class is also one of the education project operated by Ta Lai Experience, whose aims are to cultivate the awareness of environment protection and values of education to the host communities. As English teaching volunteer, you will have plenty of opportunities to experience local cultures with Ma, Stieng and Tay people. The message will be delivered through lessons and activities in class arranged by Volunteer, under the supervison of the project manager.

  • Teaching English at local school. Level: from Primary to Adult.
  • Time: Monday to Sunday
  • Class schedule:
Time/Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
8.30am-10.30am             Level: Secondary (Intermediate)
11am-12pm             Level: Secondary to High school (Tay village)
4pm-5pm           English club  

Level: Basic  Farmers


Level: Primary Mainly Ma and Stieng kids)


Level: Primary Ma and Stieng kids


Level: Primary Ma and Stieng kids

Level: Primary Ma and Stieng kids  

Level: Secondary Highschool (Kinh, Ma, Stieng student)

Level: Secondary-Highschool (Kinh, Ma, Stieng student)

Level: Secondary-High school (Kinh, Ma, Stieng student)

  • The class schedule will be adjusted based on the school time of kids and the number of kids participating in the class.
  • Working condition: Local school in Ma village and Tay village.


  • Helping the Longhouse staff with daily works such as: doing chores, welcoming clients/visitors, arranging activities.
  • Coordinating with other projects/events organized by Ta Lai Adventure.
  • Manage front office, be a hostess when visitors arrive at the Longhouse, ensure the front office are clean and tidy for visitor.
  • Assisting tour guide for hiking and village tour


  • 18 years old minimum.
  • Fluency in English Speaking and writing ( TESOL/TEFL, IELTS 7., TOFEL)
  • Being punctual, can ride bicycle.
  • Positive attitude, especially toward kids.
  • Being Creative to make games, activities in class.
  • Warm, friendly and outgoing personality.
  • Be flexible, honest, active and responsible.
  • Soft skills: Communication, team-working, working independently, time-management.
  • At least: 4 weeks base onsite per month at Ta Lai Longhouse, Cat Tien NP, Đong Nai


  • Cover food and accommodation at site.
  • Explore Cat Tien national park.
  • Cultural exchange with local ethnic minority.
  • Can participate in some events: kid camps, team building in Ta Lai
  • 1 day off per week
Company information & Contact information:


Ta Lai Longhouse aims to develop an international team specializing in organizing nature friendly and outdoor activities. We run kid camps, team buildings, and school trips based in Ta Lai Longhouse, within the scope of Cat Tien National Park and surroundings. Working as English teaching volunteer for local people in Ta Lai village. Your student in class are mainly from Ma, Stieng, Tay ethnic minorities and local farmers. You’ll mainly base in Ta Lai Longhouse, 150km away from Ho Chi Minh City. Please refer website https://www.ta-lai-longhouse.com/, or Facebook/Instagram for your information.

At site, our local staffs are from three ethnic groups: S’tieng, Ma and Tay. They speak Vietnamese and their own languages. Our management team are Vietnamese and Internationals, English is common language in daily communication and activities. 

Join with us, a new experience awaits for you!



Mail: info@talai-adventure.vn

Facebook page: Ta Lai Long House

WebsiteTa Lai Long House

Hotline number: 0974 160 827

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