Trung Kien International Kindergarten is looking for a full-time FEMALE FILIPINO MONTESSORI English teacher.
Job category: English Teacher
City/Province: Ha Tinh
Job type: Permanent full-time
The poster: Thao Dao
Job specifics:

Name of School: Trung Kien International Kindergarten
Location: Ha Tinh city, Vietnam
Starting Date: November 18, 2019
Contract: 2 years


- Salary: $1000-$1500( it depends on your certifictates/diploma )
- 1 day off on Sundays
- Free new and spacious (more or less 25 square meters) solo accommodation with your own air conditioner and bathroom
- Free lunch on school days
- 100% free business visa
- 100% free work permit


- Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Montessori Education
- English teaching certificates (TESOL, TEFL, CELTA or any equivalent certificates)
- Red ribboned/Authenticated diploma, TOR and NBI clearance
- Montessori certificates/diploma

* Your application should include the following:

1.) Resume/CV (including Skype or Zalo account, phone number and email address)
2.) Copies of degrees and certificates

Please send your complete application to: lenhungthai@gmail.com

Our teachers and staff are very friendly and accommodating. We look forward to be working with you soon.

For details about our school, you may check out or Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/mamnonquoctetrungkien/

Thank you!

Company information & Contact information:

LocationHam Nghi Street, Thach Linh Ward, Ha Tinh City


  •  mnqttrungkien@gmail.com
  • info@mamnonquoctetrungkien.com

Tel: 02393.878.868

Website: http://mamnonquoctetrungkien.com/index.asp?lang=1

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