Tourist Destinations You Must Visit in Moc Chau


In Moc Chau Plateau, every morning you can see the lush scenery, the beautiful fruits of the four seasons. If you want to experience travel in this beautiful plateau. Let's explore Must-visit Moc Chau tourist destinations that Lingo Connector introduces below.



1. Mộc Châu

Moc Chau is a check-in place that is praised by tourists. To conquer Pha Luong peak, it will take you about 3-4 hours of relatively difficult walking. In return, when you cross the mountain road and reach the top of Pha Luong, you will get a blurry world and beautiful scenery in sight.

Going to Pha Luong, you can enjoy different weather patterns at a glance. Sometimes it's a clear blue sky, sometimes it's cloudy, sometimes it's a sudden rain. But no matter when, Pha Luong is always majestic and beautiful, making people fall in love.


2. Đại Yếm Falls

Among the tourist attractions in Moc Chau, Dai Yem waterfall is most prominent by the majestic beauty of nature. This place is surrounded by sparse forest, the scenery is massive but very poetic. The best time to see Dai Yem waterfall is from April to October. At this time, the scenery here is cool, the waterfall also pours white water, making many tourists excited.


3. Mộc Sương tea hill

If you are too familiar with the rugged roads of the Northwest, why not try to experience the gentle and idyllic things in Moc Chau? During your journey, do not miss the Moc Suong tea hill, one of the most attractive places to go to Moc Chau in the hearts of tourists.

Moc Suong tea hill is located about 15km from the farm town of Moc Chau, you can find it on the way to On village. The immense space covered with the fresh green color of young tea leaves will make you fall in love.

Every morning, when the dew is still on the leaves and the thin clouds have not yet dissipated. If you take a deep breath into your chest and look at the Moc Suong tea hill, there will certainly be nothing more wonderful than that.


4. Strawberry - Chimi Farm

Moc Chau has a monumental strawberry farm waiting for you to check in. Located in the pine forest area of Ban Ang, Chimi Farm is one of the largest green farms in Moc Chau. Coming to Chimi, you can manually pick sweet ripe red berries and freely take pictures of "virtual living".

So when is the best time to go to Chimi Farm? That is in December because this is also the time when strawberries are ripe in Moc Chau. It will only cost you 5,000 VND to enter the pine forest of Ban Ang and then you can freely visit and take pictures at Chimi Farm.


5. Pine forest of Bản Áng

Like the "Muse of the Northwest", Ban Ang pine forest is a tourist destination in Moc Chau that you cannot ignore. This place not only possesses a romantic and poetic beauty but also a place where you can admire the stilt houses hidden behind the green pine trees.

Arriving in Ang village, you will see the pine forest reflected in the quiet lake. That peaceful but gentle beauty will make visitors feel like they are immersed in another world.

Not only that, for those who want to find a place to have fun in Moc Chau, this "mini Dalat in the middle of Moc Chau" can also be a good suggestion. You can rent a pair of bicycles to roam around the lake or camp, light a fire and play outdoor activities.


6. Sơn Mộc Hương Cave (Bat Cave)

Son Moc Huong cave is one of the most beautiful natural caves in the Northwest that you must definitely visit when going on a Moc Chau tour. Over thousands of years of construction, Son Moc Huong Cave brings with it a mysterious beauty, with colorful stalactites and many unique stalactites.

Son Moc Huong Cave is also known as Bat Cave because this place used to be home to hundreds of bats. However, now the bats have moved to other places to live, so the cave is very clean. Ticket price to visit the cave is 10,000 VND/person.


7. Five caves of Bản Ôn

Located near the farm town of Moc Chau, Ban On cave complex with pristine primeval gardens and limestone mountains. Standing in front of that natural scene, you will be attracted by the mysterious diverse stalactites. Exploring the five caves of Ban On will be an unforgettable experience when coming to Moc Chau.


8. Heart Tea Hill

Heart Tea Hill is a Moc Chau tourist destination that you cannot ignore. With the skillful and creative hands of indigenous people, the tea beds are planted in a unique heart shape that attracts many tourists to take pictures.

At Tam Tea Hill, tourists can own shimmering pictures, enjoy the fresh atmosphere of the plateau and enjoy cups of fresh tea amidst the immense scenery of the tea hill.


9. Mộc Châu Happy Land

This is a place that you must definitely add to your list of Moc Chau tourist places. The resort has an area of 5 hectares with many colorful flowers located in the middle of a wide valley in Lùn village, Mường Sang commune.

The highlight in Happy Land is the heart-shaped flower beds grown and shaped from a variety of flowers of the Northwest region. In addition, you can also look for areas with windmills, heart shapes, pianos, bird's nests, etc to take beautiful pictures.


10. Pá Phách Village

Dubbed the flower paradise in Moc Chau, Pa Phach village has long become one of the tourist attractions in Moc Chau Son La if you miss it, you will regret it. This is the place where the Mong and Thai people live a very simple cultural life.

According to Lingo's travel experience in Moc Chau, you should come to Pa Phach village from November to December when the mustard flowers bloom everywhere, creating a beautiful and poetic scene. Not only that, here the scenery of 4 seasons is beautiful. When autumn comes, you will be able to admire wild sunflowers, mustard flowers in winter, blooming spring peaches, brilliant summer colors of heaven and earth, clouds, and mountains.


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