Top The Most Beautiful Mountains in Vietnam (Part 2)


Vietnam is a coastal country, not only possessing beautiful beaches, but also high mountains for trekking. Let's continue to explore Top The Most Beautiful Mountains in Vietnam for your trip (Part 2) with Lingo!




Pu Si Lung is a mountain located at the Vietnam-China border in Lai Chau province with an altitude of 3083 meters. With this altitude, Pu Si Lung has held the TOP 2 positions of the highest mountains in Vietnam and is also a beautiful mountain that many Trekkers aim to conquer. Pu Si Lung peak is at the border, so you need to get a security certificate at the border station to be allowed to climb the mountain.

This is an unspoiled mountain, with many mysteries but also extremely attractive for those who love adventure climbing, and discovering new things in life and nature. Conquering the top of Pu Si Lung mountain is very difficult because the road is steep and difficult to go, so climbing will be very extreme.

At the top of the mountain, you will see the misty atmosphere behind the white clouds in the early morning. The air here is quite cold, the higher you go, the colder it is, but the higher you go, the farther your eyes will see, there are more wonderful scenes. The sunset like a fire begins to sink behind the mountains, the bright sunlight covering the whole area also makes the scene a bit gentle, lonely, vitality is no longer as intense as the morning. And this is also the time when everything should rest.


6. Bach Moc Luong Tu

With an altitude of 3045m, Bach Moc Luong Tu, also known as Ky Quan San, ranks 4th among the highest mountains in Vietnam. Besides, Bach Moc Luong Tu also has rugged terrain, and much different vegetation such as bare hills, burnt grass, hole forests, bamboo, and mountain goats, ... it attracts the attention of many trekkers.

In addition to the difficulty of conquering, Ky Quan San also attracts many young people because of the poetic beauty here like watching the sunset and sunrise; watching the forest of yellow flowers, hunting clouds on the top of the mountain; Admire the majestic natural scenery, watch the stars at night.


7. Ta Chi Nhu

Ta Chi Nhu mountain belongs to Pu Luong mountain with an altitude of 2976m, belongs to Tram Tau district, Yen Bai province. The mountain attracts a lot of tourists in recent times, especially from October to February every year - this is the most ideal time to climb Ta Chi Nhu mountain.

At this time, the scenery here is more wild, mysterious and magical than other times. From the top of the mountain, you can admire the poetic scenery, the sea of clouds gently hovering around the hill and below are the horses in the purple color of Chi Pau flowers that make many Trekkers passionate.

October is the time when Ta Chi Nhu attracts the most tourists, because at this time, the hidden Chi Pau flowers suddenly bloom all over the road to Ta Chi Nhu. Anyone who sees such a beautiful scene can't help but think that this is the way Violet field in Europe. Tsi Pau flowers will leave an impression and amazing photos in your journey.


8. Ba Den Mountain

It is the highest and most beautiful mountain in the South, worthy of the title "First Thien Son" with an altitude of 986m. Although Ba Den is not as high as the mountains above, it is one of the most beautiful mountains in Vietnam that everyone wants to explore. Ba Den Mountain is very close to Dau Tieng Lake, so you can combine Ba Den mountain climbing and Dau Tieng lake camping.

The way to Ba Den mountain has 2 main roads:

  • The first road (dangerous): The trail behind Ba Pagoda is quite short, but it contains many dangers such as slippery rocks, and poisonous snakes. This road is suitable for those who love adventure, good health, and climbing skills.
  • The second road (simpler, lighter): Also the trail from the Martyrs' Monument to follow the electric poles to the top of the mountain, but this road is easier and longer than the road.

In addition, to get to the top of Ba Den mountain, you can rent a cable car for 200,000 VND / person + 16,000 VND for entrance ticket/person. However, this way you cannot camp or eat comfortably like the two ways of climbing the mountain above.


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