Top 5 Places To Visit in Dalat City


Have you ever experienced a place where there are four distinct seasons in a day? If not, let’s pick up your backpack and travel to Da Lat City to feel the clear change of scenery during the season change. Da Lat is known as "Little Paris" in Vietnam, this is also one of the places that attract many domestic and international tourists by special weather, people and unique tourist attractions. Let's discover Top 5 most famous places in Da Lat City with Lingo Connector.


1. Datanla Falls

Among Top 5 is Datanla Falls tourist area (Datania) which is located next to Prenn Pass, about 5km south of Da Lat center.

Contrary to other romantic waterfalls, Datanla brings a majestic and wild beauty, stimulating travelers to feel like conquering and discovering new things. This is the place for adventure enthusiasts in this romantic city.

Figure 1: Travelers check-in at Datanla Falls

Located at an upstream position more than 20m high, Datanla Falls sometimes flows violently, sometimes it is quiet and gentle. Water pouring down from above creates white foam like snowflakes in Sapa. According to the experience of many travelers, the most suitable time of year to explore Datanla Falls is in the dry season, from November to April. With cool weather and pleasant sunshine, it is very suitable for outdoor recreational activities such as Zipline, Kayaking, cable car, ...

Address: 20 route Prenn Pass, Da Lat City


2. Linh Phuoc Pagoda

The second among top 5 is Linh Phuoc Pagoda, which is considered a unique temple and holds the most records in Lam Dong province. The pagoda is designed in a dignified style, built from hundreds of pieces of bottles together, the largest and most massive in Vietnam. Buddha statues and towers are also meticulously crafted.  In addition, travelers can also admire the statue that is cast like a real person.

Figure 2: Linh Phuoc Pagoda

Visiting pagodas is a fairly familiar custom to Vietnamese people. As one of the most unique and quite large pagodas in Da Lat, coming here travelers will feel the peace and tranquility at the place of worshiping Buddha.

According to local people, Linh Phuoc Pagoda is very spiritual, so it attracts a large number of travelers every year to pray for peace and health for the family. There are also interesting places like the impressive 18-storey building of hell located deep in the basement; the rotating table is known as a mysterious spiritual phenomenon.

Address: 120 Tu Phuoc, Da Lat City.

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3. Crazy House

Crazy House (Hang Nga villa) is located on a campus of nearly 1,600 square meters. This is known as a building with complicated and bizarre architecture that is unique in Vietnam. Crazy House is an impressive hotel complex with spooky and unique beauty. The significance of the architecture of this hotel is both a warning about the destruction of the environment by humans, and shows that people are very magical: they can create a large mysterious "castle" full of attraction from the barrenness of nature.

Crazy house of Dalat has been rated as the top 3 in the world's 20 strangest hotel rooms (Business Insider, the U.S). The special thing about this house is that from the ceiling to the door and roof, the design is improvised, on the concave oval walls of the house are oddly shaped windows.

Figure 3: Crazy House

From the balcony, guests can enjoy the view of the castle garden with a giant iron spider web at the entrance of the hotel. Although the garden is small, it is the convergence of flowers, birds and people to find peace of mind. There is nothing more interesting than waking up in a place full of ghosts like this place. Try once to Crazy House to have the most memorable and special experience!

Address: 3 Huynh Thuc Khang, Da Lat City.


4. Da Lat Flower park

Dalat flower garden is one of the places located in the center of Da Lat city. For flower lovers, this is where they belong with over 300 species of flowers. This is the place to reach the top 5 of the number of tourists visiting every year.

According to Da Lat travel experience, the unique beautiful flower spot in Dalat flower garden that tourists should visit first is the orchid area. Orchids here are grown by tissue culture method. The orchid display area has both the essence of beauty as well as a wide variety of species and colors.

Figure 4: Over 300 species of flowers in DaLat flower park

In addition to the orchid area, there is also a giant cactus garden. Cactus garden is the process of finding plants from far away Africa and the process of bringing them back to grow and take care of them.

Especially, when coming to Dalat on each occasion of the flower festival, travelers will enjoy the beautiful scenery. It is mainly decorated with flowers and changed in many rich themes with the artistic creativity of artisans. During the flower festival, there are also various flower collections, miniatures and bonsai genres that make the flower garden more and more attractive.

Address: 02 Tran Nhan Tong, Da Lat City.


5. Elephant Falls

The last place in Top 5 is located in the suburbs of Da Lat City - Elephant Falls (Lien Rowoa Falls). The waterfall has become an attractive destination for many tourists coming to experience the wonderful scenery that nature has bestowed on this place. 

Figure 5: The wild scene at Elephant Falls

With a fall height of up to 30 meters and a width of more than 15 meters, its wild and majestic beauty has attracted the attention of adventurous travelers. From the foot to the top of the fall are connected by 145 winding steps. The craggy cliffs have stone steps, sometimes precarious wooden planks on the high cliffs. 

From above, you can zoom your eyes far away to admire the beauty of the green forest. There are hundreds of years old trees with endless vines wrapped around them, creating more mystery and wonder for the landscape here. 

Follow those steps, gradually leading down to the foot of the waterfall where there are giant rocks, covered with a layer of green moss like giant elephants.

Address: 20 route Prenn Pass, Da Lat City.


Above are top 5 ideal places in Da Lat City that Lingo Connector introduces to travelers. These places will help you experience the best of your trip. Don’t forget to join Lingo Connector - Free Tour Guide to discover all destinations in VietNam.



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