Top 5 Largest Traditional Festivals In Vietnam

1. Cam Muong traditional festival in Lai Chau province 

Time: Beginning of January to 3nd March

Among traditional Vietnamese festivals, the ‘Cam Muong’ festival attracts foreign tourists the most. Ethnic groups in Lai Chau province usually worship 5 gods (including the river god, mountain god, ‘khe’ god, stream god and dragon god), and they believe that these 5 deities are their protectors. Therefore, this traditional festival is to give thanks and gratefulness to the gods and to pray for a prosperous and peaceful year with all favorable things.

2. Huong Pagoda traditional Festival in My Duc district – Hanoi City

Time: from the sixth of January to at the end of March - Lunar calendar.

Visitors usually come there to worship the Goddess of Mercy. Inside the “Nam Thien” cave, travelers can see the shape of a queen dragon with opening mouth, and it is covered by plenty of huge stalactites. Walking around the cave, visitors can see the outstanding natural beauty of the surroundings. Touching the stalactites is believed to bring a peaceful and prosperous year for those touching them.

3. Lim Festival traditional festival in Bac Ninh province

Time:12th -14th January of Lunar calendar

Joining in ‘Lim’ festival, the boys and girls will stand on two different boats and sing through lyrics and melodies. Visitors can both enjoy the melodies and participate directly in some traditional activities or games (such as playing chess, wrestling, or fairy swing)

4. Wishing Fish traditional festival of Thua Thien Hue province fishermen

Time: 12th January of Lunar calender

When it comes to traditional festivals in Vietnam, it would be depressing to ignore the wishing fish traditional festival in Thua Thien Hue, which is held every 3 years. Fishermen here set up a day with the desire to pray for a year of quiet waves, full of fish and shrimp on their boats. Further, they also wish their lives and business will be better.

5. Ba Den Mountain traditonal festival in Tay Ninh Province

Time: 30th December to February of Lunar calendar.

People usually visit here to pray for a prosperous new year. There is a story related to the mountain. That is, few thousand years ago, a young girl named ‘Dênh’ was forced to be in an arranged marriage with a guy she did not love. To escape her forced wedding, she went to a mountain and became a monk there. Later, the king Nguyen cast black bronze statues and ordained her to be “Linh Son Thanh Mau” for people to worship. Due to local dialects, locals tend to call her Mrs. Den instead. Therefore, the mountain where she lived is then called ‘Mrs. Den’ mountain. Her palace is located in the middle of the mountain with a large statue carved in black bronze. It is conceived that, at the beginning of the year, if someone come to visit the mountain and pray, she will help them to have a lucky year. Afterwards, they will come back and give thanks to her.

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