Terms and Conditions
Please read and agree to the following Lingo Connector Terms & Conditions before joining in Lingo Connector.
Acceptance of the following terms and conditions is required for participation in the Lingo Connector platform.

1. About Lingo Connector
Lingo Connector, hereafter referred to as LC, is a purely volunteer community formed to encourage understanding of Vietnamese culture and people and to promote cross-cultural friendship.

2. Guides and Guests
1)  Members of LC and LC guides are volunteers who provide guide services out of their own goodwill.  LC makes no claims or guarantees as to the qualifications or experience of its guides.
2)  Any and all persons who request and/or utilize the services of LC will be referred to as “guests” hereafter.
3) Guests should be an individual tour person or group not exceed 6(six) persons. The applicant who requests a guide to LC shall be an adult and not younger than 20 years old.
4)  Guests find local hosts from the group or the website.  There are some predetermined routes of destinations, but they are very flexible based on guests’ needs.  LC guides will do their best to suggest custom itineraries based upon the needs of each group of guests.  LC members reserves the right to refuse requests or itineraries that LC deems unreasonable for any reason. LC members are unable to reserve events, tickets or otherwise act in as intermediary booking agents.

3. Expenses
While LC platform is free of charge, guests are encouraged to pay for the following expenses:
1)  TRAVEL EXPENSES INCURRED BY THE GUIDE while conducting a tour for the guests.  These include any and all public transportation fees incurred after meeting the guests at the appointed meeting place.  Guests are not responsible for costs incurred by the guide while traveling to or from the meeting place both before and after the tour period.
2)  ADMISSION FEES to museums, temples, events etc. incurred by the local host while providing guide services.
3)  MEALS eaten by the guide while providing his or her services to the guests.
4) Although LC members will pay for their own expenses, it would be great if guests pay some meals/drinks for local hosts, who are mainly students. Some expenses from hiring a motorbike and buying petrol should be paid by guests, which we think it is fair for members. If you are not happy to pay these expenses, it is not a problem.

4. Inappropriate Conduct
LC and its members reserve the right to terminate guide services at any point during the tour if the guests exhibit any of the following behavior’
2)  INAPPROPRIATE SEXUAL BEHAVIOR or advances.  This includes sexual behavior initiated by the guests toward the guide, occurring among the guests and or that initiated by the guests toward persons outside of the tour group.
4)  REFUSING to cover expenses incurred by the guide as outlined in the above section on expenses.
5)  ANY CONDUCT, BEHAVIOR, OR ACTION that the guide feels is inappropriate or offensive or reflects poorly upon his or her self or LC.
6)Your misconduct behavior will be reported to LC team and police for further investigation, if needed.

5. Statement of Limited Liability
PLEASE REMEMBER that LC and its members are NOT responsible for any illnesses, injuries, thefts, losses, or any resulting damages incurred by the guests while traveling.  The guests accept(s) full responsibility for any damages, injuries, or losses that he/she/they may incur. Of course, we do try our best to help guests to have a great and safe travel experience during their time in Vietnam.

6. Process for Getting a Local Host
Guests agree to adhere to the following process when requesting a local host from LC.
1)  Guests need to log in and register to be a member from lingoconnector.com.
2)  Guest receives a confirmation of their registration (if registered by email), guests can sign up and log in by Facebook account.
3)  A guide is arranged to the guest and contacts the guest via LC chat platform.
4)  If the guest is not able to log in or sign up, please contact us at [lingoconnector17@gmail.com].
5) To get faster responses from LC members, you can post your demand or travel need on our Facebook community, namely: http://www.facebook.com/groups/VietnameseFreeTourguide/

7. Cases in Which You can not Find a Local Host
This is normal because:
1)  There are too many requests and or a shortage of available local hosts.
2)  A local host cannot be found who speaks the language requested by the guest.
3)  A local host cannot be found who is able to meet the guest’s request (e.g., starting a tour from 7 a.m., visiting a  facility, venue or attraction that requires an advance reservation…etc.

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