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Address/location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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Hello everyone! 
My name's King and i live with my Girlfriend and Sister.

I'm so happy because i have more than 60 volunteers in my classes by another website in 2015. And volunteers help me a lot with my classes. so i have to be grateful again for their help. I look forward people who can speak English fluently, especially good pronunciation. We rent a huge house for teaching and living. We have 3 rooms for volunteers. 3 big rooms for others sharing. We have private Mattresses for each person. 

We can offer you maximum 2 meals/ day if you can enjoy vietnamese food and help us teaching, if you can't we afraid that you should have a meal by yourself. We would love that volunteers can help us 4 hours/day and 1 days off per week. 

The classes have maximum 15 students from 18-20 years old, So if you have experience in teaching English it's so nice of you, because you can help me a lot and it's also a challenge for you guys, you'll learn a lot of from teaching in front of many people.

We are so friendly and willing learning everything from the people, especially Languages. We love to host the volunteers who are friendly, dynamic, no smoking and are willing share us everything you know. 

Right now if you can help me teaching English, please give me a message. I am looking forward to hearing from you <3
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Cooking / shopping
Help in the house
Charity work
Language practice

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Cultural exchange and learning opportunities
You will live like a locally. Go to local market, eat like local. And everything is better and cheaper than downtown. 
I and my students can teach you vietnamese language and culture too.
I have some English classes, so if you can stay with me, you can help me English in my english classes, you could experience to become a main teacher and challenge yourself with 10-15 students.

You can join in my English class or do some housework for all of us. It's very interesting because students come here are very activity, dynamic, and young ^^, they are from 18 ages to 22 ages (most of them are university students but they cannot speak english). i look forward for the friendly and responsibility person.

i would love and be lucky if you guys have a experience in teaching English, because These are serious classes not just for fun. i want to be professional in method and teaching skill. We will discuss before you teach. Hope can learn more from you guy.

Thank you so much for caring about my amazing english classes.

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We rent a huge house for teaching and living. We have 3 rooms for volunteers. 1 room for couple and 2 big rooms for others sharing, Each room have Toilet. We have private Mattresses for each person. We also have kitchen, we can use together. Everything around my place is much more cheaper than the busy and noisy downtown.
What else ...
You can go anywhere you want if you have a time off or finish the work, i hope we will finish together and travel some places together and I and my students would like to be your free tour guide if you like. 

I often hang out with volunteers to eat local food and some time go for a Saigon Beer :)

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