Regional Cuisines: Can Tho - Part 3

Join Lingo Connector as we recommend you to the cuisines and special dishes of Can Tho city. Here is the last part of a three-part post about famous Can Tho specialties with buying addresses & reference prices.

19. Can Tho snack with grilled glutinous banana

Beautiful little sticky bananas are grilled on a charcoal fire. The scent of sticky bananas is very attractive. The skin of the sticky rice is yellow, and the inside of the banana is soft and sweet. Enjoying this Can Tho specialty dish in winter is a great idea.


Image 1. Banana rolled inside glutonious rice, which is mostly similar to that of mochi


Address: at Can Tho night market

Reference price: from 5,000 VND


20. Pizza noodle soup - Can Tho specialty "eating is addicted"

The strange combination of the name has created an impression of this Can Tho specialty. Like Italian Pizza but with Vietnamese soul, deep-fried noodles, shaped like a pizza. Topped with eggs, rich coconut meat, and coconut milk, sprinkled with peanuts and fried onions.


Image 2. Though resemble nothing alike that of a pizza, this dish is delicious nonetheless


Restaurant address:

• Sau Hoai noodle shop: 476, 14 Lo Vong Cung, An Binh ward, Ninh Kieu district, Can Tho city.

• Nine Cua noodle furnace: 474c/14a, KV 7, An Binh Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City

Reference price: 35,000 - 50,000 VND


21. Sau Tia plum wine - Best to buy as a gift

Plum (also known as a whip) is a familiar fruit, but the name plum wine sounds quite strange. Sau Tia plum wine - Can Tho specialty is fermented 100% naturally from malt and ripe plums, without using chemical drugs. Therefore, the plum wine here is sweet and delicious, with a hint of the spicy yeast of ripe plums, and especially, even if drunk, there is no headache.

The wine is presented in an eye-catching red plum-shaped bottle. Alcohol is good for health if consumed in moderation and has been certified for food hygiene and safety, so this is the choice of many tourists when buying travel gifts for friends and family.


Image 3. The wine bottle is modeled similar to that of the fruit the wine is made of


Address: 534/13, 30/04 street, Hung Loi ward, Ninh Kieu district or Mr. Sau Tia's house in Tan Loc, Tan Loc ward, Thot Not district

Reference price: about 270,000 VND / bottle (price difference depends on the size of the bottle)


22. Salty molded cake

Salty molded cake - Can Tho specialty is loved by tourists not only because of its white and plump appearance but also because of its rich flavor combined with rice flour, shrimp, minced meat, and typical spices (pepper, salt, etc.) onion,...). To make delicious molded cakes, the chef needs to prepare finely ground rice flour and pour the flour into steaming layer by layer. When eating, visitors eat cake with cucumber (cucumber), bean sprouts, herbs, and rich chili garlic sauce.


Image 4. Similar to tofu but not tofu, sticky like glutonious rice but not glutonious rice


Address: Cai Rang market, Ly Thuong Kiet street, Can Tho or 30/4 street, An Lac, Ninh Kieu, Can Tho

Reference price: about 25,000 VND / serving


23. Ha Chau berry chicken stew

Ha, Chau strawberry umami chicken is a dish that requires sophistication and meticulousness in the preparation of ingredients. Chickens must choose free-range chickens with firm & delicious meat. The chicken is cleaned, cut off the body, and fried with garlic until golden brown. Ha Chau strawberries are harvested around April - June (lunar calendar). Strawberries are carefully selected, and only large ripe fruits are selected and peeled for the intestines to make strawberry jam. The delicious shredded chicken is marinated with garlic, strawberry jam, and spices (salt, pepper, monosodium glutamate...) for about 10 minutes and enjoyed with chopped vegetables. The aroma of strawberry and the natural sour taste permeates each piece of chicken, creating a special, unstoppable flavor of the famous rustic dish in Phong Dien district - Can Tho.


Image 5. In order to cook delicious berry chicken stew, the chef must choose fresh ingredients and handle them skillfully. The Chicken must be garden chicken, from 1.1-1.2kg/head, firm meat; and the berries are fresh, juicy and just ripe


Address: Phong Dien - Ha Chau


24. Delicious, pure Muoi Cuong cocoa

Can Tho specialty that many tourists choose to buy as a gift is the famous Muoi Cuong Cacao. Coming here, visitors can directly visit the large cocoa garden of Uncle Muoi Cuong, and at the same time listen to him tell about the stages of cocoa making. More specifically, visitors can directly experience & try cocoa on their own in the garden.


Image 6. The cocoa garden is the only one in the region


Address: 275 My Ai Hamlet, My Khanh Commune, Phong Dien District, Can Tho

Reference price: 30,000 - 400,000 VND/product depending on type


25. Can Tho specialty dried snakehead fish as a gift

Dried snakehead fish is not only an ordinary everyday dish of the people of the river region but also a specialty in Can Tho used to treat guests. Dried snakehead fish is made from fish that are big enough and firm. The fish is cleaned, then marinated with spices and dried in the sun for 2-3 days. This dish can be used directly or processed with many other dishes such as dried grilled snakehead fish mixed with mango & cucumber, dried grilled snakehead fish, and dried fried snakehead fish, ...


Image 7. Dried fish can be cooked by sliced into thin slices, stir fried with garlic and eaten with white rice


Address to buy: large market in the inner city of Can Tho or at tourist areas such as My Khanh tourist area, and Ong De village tourist area, ...

Reference price: about 400,000 VND/kg (depending on the type)


Above is a summary of 25 Can Tho specialties that Lingo Connector can recommend for visitors that cannot be missed when visiting this place. In addition to enjoying and buying specialties as gifts, visitors should also consider and choose a good hotel to have the most meaningful vacation.

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