Part-time Native German Teacher in Binh Duong
Job category: Education
City/Province: Binh Duong
Job type: Permanent Part-time
The poster: Thao Dao
Job specifics:

The Vietnamese-German University (VGU) is a Vietnamese state university. Founded in 2008, VGU is based on a close cooperation between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, with the goal to become the leading research university in Vietnam and the region.

VGU´s strategy is to implement excellent German study programs in the fields of engineering, natural science, economics and customize them to the needs of Vietnamese higher education. Being a joint effort of Vietnamese and German institutions, VGU follows the successful German model and standards concerning the academic and administrative structure.

A New Campus for VGU

The new campus of the Vietnamese - German University is planned to be Vietnam's most modern campus in terms of design, but also in terms of its facilities that will create an ideal learning and working environment for students, lecturers and staff alike. Covering a total area of 50 hectares, the new campus will be located 40km from Ho Chi Minh City, in the New Urban area of My Phuoc, Thoi Hoa Commune, Ben Cat District in Binh Duong Province.

The construction of the new campus makes a significant contribution to the VGU's main objective to strengthen its role in education and research in Vietnam and worldwide.

The Vietnamese - German University is both, a research and a service university. Besides its curricula and teaching staff, which ensures the highest quality in research and education, the VGU Administration, including the Presidential Board, the Student Service Center, the Facility and Building Management, Human Resources, Finance and Accounting as well as the Marketing and Student Recruitment Department sustain smooth operations at VGU and therewith create an ideal learning, teaching and working environment.

Job description

  • Teaching Bachelor and Master students in above mentioned courses from beginner to advanced level (native speakers are usually used in A2 courses and higher levels);

  • Teaching German communicative skills to VGU’s faculty and staff;

  • Developing teaching materials, administering tests, and grading papers;

  • Performing formative and summative assessments of students during the semester;

  • Filling out teaching and learning profiles (after having instructed a class);

  • Updating existing curriculum and syllabus and developing new ones for new courses;

  • Sharing teaching experiences and new knowledge in the field with colleagues;

  • Training and/or mentoring new German instructors;

  • Participating in periodic meetings with instructors in the specialized unit that he/she belongs to;

  • Contributing to professional affairs in the specialized unit;

  • Conducting research to improve teaching practices, if possible.

Job Requirements

  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in German language or a related field

  • Recognized teaching qualifications and a certificate in teaching methodology

  • Experience of test formatting in the Geothe Institute is preferred.

  • Candidates with experience of curriculum and syllabus development will be favoured.

  • At least three years experience of German language teaching, especially teaching German to speakers of other languages or teaching adults and/or university students.

  • At least one year of working experience as an German Teacher (preferably in Asia or Southeast Asia).

  • Teachers are expected to teach 12 – 24 periods per week

  • Working days: Monday to Friday; 8:30 - 16:30

  • Benefit: A daily shuttle bus will be offered for VGU staff between HCMC and Binh Duong campus.

Company information & Contact information:



Le Lai Street, Hoa Phu Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province

Tel: (0274) 222 0990 -  (0274) 222 0980

E-mail: info@vgu.edu.vn

Webste: https://vgu.edu.vn/web/cms/home

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