Marketing Manager Needed in Hanoi
Job category: Sales & Marketing
City/Province: Ha Noi
Job type: Fixed term
The poster: Dane Truong
Job specifics:


Client communication:

{C}ü  Design and develop marketing materials, e.g. corporate brochure, articling brochure, personal and practice group profiles, website, etc.

{C}ü  Develop and integrate marketing activities across service areas, e.g. logo, templates for request for proposals, power point, etc

{C}ü  Develop and maintain the company’s website; keep site content fresh and updated in coordination with the outside webmaster

{C}ü  Monitor production of marketing materials to ensure consistency and appropriateness

Public relation/ Advertising:

{C}ü  Develop and implement the company’s public relations program, to include internal and external publications (e.g. newsletters, client alerts, greeting cards, etc.) that enhance public awareness of the company.

{C}ü  Develop and implement the company’s advertising program - design and place advertisements; negotiate contracts with media; work with design agencies on advertising campaigns

{C}ü  Evaluate and implement company participation in sponsorships and community programs

Business Development:

{C}ü  Coordinate, review, edit and design responses to Request for Proposals/Contracts

{C}ü  Oversee planning and execution of client seminars, special events, panel participation and other ad hoc marketing efforts

Marketing research

{C}ü  Schedule and coordinate regular meetings of the Business Development Committee and implement initiatives.

Practice Coordination:

{C}ü  Attend various practice group meetings to build company with the development of marketing initiatives and identifying opportunities for cross-marketing.

Marketing training:

{C}ü  Monitor various mediums for developments in the area of company and marketing/ distribute articles of interest

{C}ü  Supervise the marketing assistant and the day-to-day operations of the Marketing Department

{C}ü  {C}Coordinate marketing programs for company and its staff.


{C}ü  {C}Maintain oversight of the company marketing database

{C}ü  Prepare annual marketing budget and approve and monitor marketing-related expenses



Education: College or University degree


{C}ü  Formal marketing education

{C}ü  Understanding of needs and expectations of clients

{C}ü  Ability to communicate with and gain confidence

{C}ü  Ability to adapt to and work within the customer’s culture

{C}ü  Excellent interpersonal, oral and written communication skills

{C}ü  Highly organized and ability to work independently

{C}ü  Ability to manage multiple projects while prioritizing work assignments

{C}ü  Working knowledge of word processing, desktop publishing, presentation software, database management and spreadsheet applications

{C}ü  Internet research

{C}ü  Knowledge of website marketing

{C}ü  Teamwork skills

{C}ü  Customer service skills

{C}ü  English native speaker


Clinical/ Hospital experience is preferable.

Company information & Contact information:

Hanoi Family Medical Practice



We are Family Medical Practice - the largest and oldest foreign, privately-owned, international health care provider in Vietnam. With 6 clinics in major cities within Vietnam, FMP delivers personalized support, customer service, and comprehensive medical care for the best value to our foreign and local populations. Our multinational team of physicians comes from the US, Canada, Israel, France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, the UK, Japan, Philippines, Australia, Vietnam and Argentina. We are a growing and thriving company. More clinics and a hospital are being planned and will be operational within the next 6 – 24 month time frame.

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