Job category: English Teacher
City/Province: Ha Noi
Job type: Permanent Part-time
The poster: Thao Dao
Job specifics:

Location: 1 Lương Yên _ Ha Noi

We are looking for native teachers who can teach some classes in the morning from Mondays to Fridays for kids at our new campus.

* Teaching hours: 9:15-10:15 A.M from Mondays to Fridays

* Key Responsibilities: Teaching focus on oral language acquisition, paired with critical listening for kids and helping them develop their language naturally.

- Help childrens know how to think logically in English and respond spontananeously and accurately to the questions.

- Prepare lesson plans ( with our supporting department)

- Manage class while teaching kids

- Communicate with kid's parents when asked and answer all related questions ( if any)

- Collaborating with other departments to work together.

- Do Evaluation after every Unit for kids.

* Benefits

- Training Courses

- Annual School Trips

- Year End Party

- Special events at school

* Salary: 450 000 VND/1 hour

* Requirements:

- Be a native speaker from US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand

- have a TESOL / CELTA / TEFL

- have a university/ college degree

- have teaching experiences

- have an at least six-month-valid visa and passport

* Rate: depending on class size, your qualifications and teaching quality.

- The age of the kids: from 4-6 years old

- Class size: <10 students

If you are qualified and interested, please send us your CV with your photo, a scanned copy of your degree, teaching certificate, visa, passport to our email: hienkute29497@gmail.com

Company information & Contact information:

Location: No. 1 Lương Yên – Hai Bà Trưng, Ha Noi

Tel: 082 216 2626

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MFS3.LuongYen

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