Help with teaching English for children and adults in our non-profit classes in Hanoi center
Job category: English Teacher
City/Province: Ha Noi
Job type: Temperary part-time
The poster: Lucas
Job specifics:

At VCV we believe that education is fundamental to sustainable development, therefore our aim is to create an open and fair learning environment for all our students. At many universities in Vietnam, students learn a lot of English grammar but rarely learn to correctly engage in real conversation. Once they graduate, they have difficulties finding employment in the best paying jobs, because these jobs often require high English language skills.

VCV offers projects in Hanoi center. Every year, hundreds of volunteers join our projects in teaching English and joining outdoor activities and make an unforgettable experience volunteering, cultural exchange, cuisine exploring and charity for homeless. We are proud of the positive impact that we have on enhancing the lives of both the volunteers and the students who learn English with us.

We are welcoming and enjoy helping Volunteers anytime in our volunteer home. Our students will become your tour guide. You will have lots of meaningful time to meet many amazing people, discovering Vietnamese culture, traditions all whilst sampling traditional Vietnamese foods. This will be a great chance for you to integrate into local people’s lives and traditions

1. Help with teaching English in our non-profit classes in Hanoi center.
1.1. Teach English to kid in Hanoi centre.
Age: 6-15 years old.
Class size: 6-15.
Material: teaching assistants, detailed lesson plan, list of games, whiteboard, flash cards (4-8 years old).
Throughout your class, our Vietnamese-speaking assistant will be on hand to help you explain lesson plans to the children. 
The children are very nice, enthusiastic and eager to learn.
They have some experiences with learning English previously.

1.2. Teach English to adult in Hanoi centre.
Age: 16+ years old.
Class size: 6-15.
Material: teaching assistants, general lesson plan, list of games, whiteboard and computer.
Throughout your class, our Vietnamese teaching-assistant will be on hand to help you explain lesson plans to the beginner students. 
Help with pronunciation, speaking, listening.
The students are enthusiastic learners, very friendly and always eager to help out our volunteers.

2. Help students practicing English with FREE activities surrounds in Hanoi.
Besides teaching students inside the class we aim to increase their confidence, conversational abilities and skills in the workplace. This is done by having a cultural exchange between volunteers and students, including kids and adults on Sundays (which are optional for volunteers to attend). We focus on activities such as free talk, picnic, team building, day trip, charity, food tour, monthly meet-up, football, clean-up etc. This is a great way to share experience, explore Vietnam and participate in cultural exchanges through the local people, foods, and customs. It is also the perfect opportunity if you have any work experiences/skills to share with the students. They also are happy to share with your local culture.

Who are our students?
Within the communities, we operate to do so without any regard for the economic status or background of the students. As such, we offer some free and subsidized classes in order to welcome students from disadvantaged backgrounds; as well as, providing classes for business professionals looking to improve their working English.

Where you fit in:
Along with our students, the most important part of our organization is our volunteers. We recognise that they are an integral element in providing an environment that supports the educational and cultural development of our students. 

We will provide you with a good quality of life during your stay in Viet Nam. Our staff will be on hand to provide you with a tidy space to live and work, and offer you all sorts of authentic Vietnamese meals throughout the day, 

Along with our students, they enjoy helping our volunteers anytime and are more than happy to become your tour guide. 


  • Language proficience: Proficient speakers
  • Experience: Beginners too
  • Qualification: No degrees expected (High School Diploma)

What we offer

  1. Airport Pickup at Noi Bai International Airport
  2. Accommodation
  3. Food & Beverages (food for vegetarians/vegans is available)
  4. Internet Access


Company information & Contact information:


Location: Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Website: https://vietnamvolunteering.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vcvvietnam/



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