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- Location: Children's House District 9 (2 / 2B Le Van Viet, P. Phu Phu, District 9, HCMC)
- Time: every Sunday afternoon (from 14h30 - 17h)
- Participants: unlimited
- Fee: 10,000 VND / session
- Register to join by phone 0903143433 or email: clbgesc@gmail.com or leave information on Fanpage.


A playground for those who love English.
A place for you to discuss interesting topics in English, watch movies, learn to sing, play, excerpts, animations, play games ...
It is an opportunity for people to meet, make friends and communicate with foreigners.
These are fun and meaningful moments but really useful in improving your ability to communicate in English, opening the way to success in life.

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The Global English Club (GESC) was established with the aim of opening a playground, an English language environment for people to have the opportunity to communicate with each other in English, practicing listening and speaking skills through it. develop and cultivate English speaking ability, as well as a place for people to communicate, make friends, learn from each other.
Develop communication skills and speak English fluently.
Build an English-speaking community, an ideal rendezvous for those who love English to practice and develop their communication skills in English, opening the way to success in life.
Besides discussing topics in English, you can also learn to sing, watch movies, play plays, give presentations, participate in games ... Especially, you will be guided and communicated with foreign teachers.
The club also regularly shares useful English materials, know-how to learn English, organize offline sessions, picnics, tours so that members have the opportunity to develop themselves about communication and confidence. , bravery and soft skills needed.
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