Free Homestay, Food, Cultural Exchange & Volunteer Job at Coffee Shop
Region: Da Nang
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Location: 57 Phạm Văn Nghị , Da Nang, Vietnam

Phone: +84 90 568 90 98


We are an English and love-based Cafe in Da Nang city, the central of Viet Nam. Our mission is to create a friendly atmosphere for Vietnamese students to practice their English freely, make mistake freely and improve it steadily and for foreigners to learn local culture, lifestyles and enjoy positive relationship with different Vietnamese friends.
The cafe is place where local student come to practice their English and exchange cultures with foreigners. There are many activities at night time such as: English game show, live acoustic music, Talk show, Debating... with a lot of joys.

This is the cafe in Danang where Vietnamese are not allowed to speak in the café, even to Vietnamese students for their own shake as we are striving ourselves to the vision "for those who learns English to be able to communicate in English". We organize evening events weekly, there are alot of fun from the events: Film show and discussion, Game show, Live Acoustic Music, Talk show. You may be invited as a guest speaker to share with Vietnamese students about your country, your school, your journey, your knowledge in some certain field...A lot of students here can be a voluntary tour guide to take the tourists around Da Nang city, so that they also can practice their English and exchange culture with foreigners.

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What you can help us is to SIT AND TALK with students in our cafe or to facilitate for a group of students who come to practice their English, it is a good opportunity for students to practice their English and also for you to understand more Vietnamese local lifestyle and culture, it is about 3.5 hours/ shift, 4 shifts/week.
Vision of our café is “ For those who learn English to be able to communicate in English”
Mission of our café is “ we are committed to creating friendly environment where people can come to us freely, make mistake freely and improve it steadily and connecting people around the world to learn and enjoy life together”. As our cafe is small and serving for only students, what we can do to help you as a return:

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1. Like other workawayers, we can arrange accommodation for you with 2 options
o You can sleep at our café with your own bed in a share room (100% free)
o If you do not want to stay at the cafe, we can recommend you some cheap hostel that are our partners.
2. We can serve you drink free when you work as volunteer here
3. We can lend you our bicycle to explore our Da Nang city
4. We can let you rent our motorbikes with cheaper price than other places (70.000vnd/day, 1.000.000vnd/month)
5. We can help you access to cheap laundry service (25.000vnd/2.5kg of cloth)

One more thing, we guarantee that (according to my observation from experiences of other workawayers) you will find our cafe interesting, and relaxing and many chances to make friends with students, this is a right place for you to explore more about local things, lifestyle from local people which you will never have in a tour.
Once you come to our cafe, don't even mind yourself of thinking what to eat, where to explore or enjoy as the student will surely make plan for you, they will also invite you home for a family dinner once you sit and chat with them.

Our cafe is like a home for university students and also for you. You just come and taste it. 
Thank you for contacting and your kind heart.

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