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Region: Ha Giang
Address/location: Ha Thanh hamlet - Phuong Do Village - Ha Giang city.
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Location: Ha Thanh hamlet - Phuong Do Village - Ha Giang city.

Not far from the city of Ha Giang (about 6km), you can feel the taste of the countryside of Vietnam.
There are no vast fields, but there are unique terraced fields, green palm trees.
This is also home to the Tay ethnic group. Although there are many unique scenery, favorable natural conditions, but the lives of people here are still difficult. Low educational level, backward farming level.
This is a small economic co-operative group of the village, we cater to guests when traveling to the local. We are currently experiencing language difficulties and are working on a number of projects related to organic agriculture. So we welcome all the volunteers from all over the world to come to us.

Cultural exchange and learning opportunities
Volunteers are more knowledgeable about the culture of ethnic minorities in Vietnam, working on agricultural projects and supporting the community.

We are currently having trouble communicating in English, and doing some
work related to organic agriculture.
So we welcome volunteers who can help us with the following tasks:
1. Teach English to the local people to attract tourists to the locality, helping people have a better life.
2. Support the knowledge of organic agriculture and join us in building organic farms to provide safe food to local people.

Volunteers are provided free bed and daily meal in homestay for the duration of their stay. There are two bathroom, you can use. We have an open kitchen, volunteers can cook food & will have a private fridge to store food.

What else ...
During the break, volunteers are free to visit the local scenery, participate in teaching English classes to earn extra income.

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