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In Vietnam, learning English can provide huge opportunities for people, not only by granting access to better jobs but also by allowing Vietnamese people to access information from the rest of the world. But unfortunately, because Ha Giang province is a poor province and infrastructure access to more developed cities is difficult, many of our people have limited opportunities to learn English. By helping our people learn English, you are more than teaching a language; you are giving the young people and the next generation the tools to drastically improve their lives.

My name is Nong Thi , a lady belonging to an ethnic minority called Ngan in Ha Giang – ‘Hazan’ a Northern Province of Vietnam. I graduated from university and became a teacher in my hometown some 20 years ago. Ha Giang, my hometown is well-known for its beautiful scenery. Very famous are the terraced fields in Hoang Su Phi, Xin Man, the caves in Quang Ba – Yen Minh and most remarkably the Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark which the UNESCO recognized as one of the world’s natural heritages.

Despite having these great tourist attractions, they are not easily accessible; with no flight route nor train railway to connect our mountainous hometown with more developed cities. The local communities are still facing huge challenges in their everyday lives. In fact, Ha Giang is still "one of the poorest provinces in Vietnam" (NY Times article: ). What makes our lives very difficult is the hilly land we live in, yet it gives us all we need. One could say that “a single step is a giant leap" for us, and we are always grateful for help.
We have hostel if you want to stay when you come visit Ha Giang.

Cultural exchange and learning opportunities
Coming to our school, you will have the opportunity to interact with young children of different age groups. Most children come from deprived backgrounds. You will see how they maintain a big, and happy smile on their face despite very little material facilities.

You will also interact with teachers, and learn about the educational system in Vietnam which, in many ways, is different than your home country. You can engage in sports activities, and benefit from physical education facilities of the schools.

Travelling through Ha Giang province all the way to Dong Van, you will enjoy the beauty of untouched resources of the most mesmerizing sceneries in the world.

You will enjoy the most delicious Vietnamese dishes at our school, and will have many opportunities to engage in cooking activities with our cook, to learn about Vietnamese cuisine. There is a market around the corner from the school with the most organic local products that you can imagine. You will enjoy and learn about the organic fruit and vegetables that we grow here in Vietnam, some of which you have probably never heard of.

Minimum: 1 month, preferably 2-3 months.

An English language school in North Vietnam needs volunteers to assist with approximately 4 hours of teaching per day. You don't necessarily need to be a native speaker, nor a certified teacher. You should have a good command of English, without a strong accent, and should be a good conversationalist and love children.

Coming to our school, you will have the opportunity to teach English and interact with young children of many different age groups, from four year old children all the way to working adults. Our dedicated staff will assist in preparing lesson plans, translating if needed during class, and encouraging student participation. But YOU will be delivering the lesson. This means that you will have to actively listen to the students' pronunciation and patiently correct them. And although we will have a lesson plan prepared for each class, you will have to adapt to the mood of the students, and sometimes alter the structure, approach, and flow of the lesson as you see fit. But it is very fulfilling; by teaching English to the young people of our city, you will be giving them the tools with which they can improve their lives.

Minimum 2 moths
We have just opened a new hostel, and are in need of an international volunteer who can help with marketing.
-    Design brochures, banners, and other marketing materials
-    Manage the hostel’s fan page, websites related to booking, handle feedback from customers
-    Experience in Tourism/hotel management would be a plus
In exchange, we offer food and accommodation, and the opportunity to visit the surrounding area described by all the Guides as of the most beautiful in Vietnam.

A modern three-storey building in the centre of Ha Giang city. Two spacious bathrooms with hot water and facilities similar to what you would find in Europe. We have two wifi hot spots that cover the entire building, and you ca

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