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Ha Long Bay is one of the tourist destinations and famous scenic spots attracting domestic and foreign tourists. This place not only possesses many majestic natural landscapes but also has an extremely rich cuisine. Let's explore Ha Long Bay tourism with Vntrip in detail through the article below.

1. Introduction to Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is a small bay, including sea and islands in the territory of Ha Long city, Cam Pha city and part of Van Don island district, Quang Ninh province. Possessing charming natural scenery and rich biodiversity, this place was recognized by UNESCO as a world natural heritage in 1994.

Ha Long Bay is limited to an area of ​​1,553 square kilometers. It includes 1,969 large and small islands, mainly limestone islands. Especially, the core of the bay is home to about 775 densely packed islands, creating an extremely vivid picture of nature. With a total of 1,969 large and small islands in Ha Long Bay, only about 40 islands are inhabited by people. The population is mainly concentrated in fishing villages such as Cua Dai, Ba Hang, and Cop De fishing villages.

The area with many beautiful rocky islands and caves in Ha Long Bay is the core area (the center of Ha Long Bay), Lan Ha Bay (the buffer zone) of the Cat Ba archipelago and a part of Bai Tu Long Bay. Each island in Ha Long Bay has its own shape such as: Trong Mai Islet, Human Head Islet, Canh Buom Islet, Con Coc Islet, Ga Choi Islet, Ngoc Vung Islet, etc. Some famous caves in Ha Bay Long must mention such as: Sung Sot cave, Thien Cung cave, Dau Go cave, ...

Thanks to natural conditions and advantages, Ha Long Bay has become one of the most attractive tourist destinations for domestic and foreign tourists.


Image 1. World Natural Heritage – Ha Long Bay


2. What is the most beautiful season to travel to Ha Long?

Although belonging to the North of Vietnam, the climate is divided into 4 seasons. However, because it is an island area, the climate in Ha Long Bay is divided into two distinct seasons: hot and humid summer and cold and dry winter. In the summer, the average temperature of this place ranges from 27-29 degrees Celsius. The average temperature in winter in Ha Long Bay usually ranges between 16-18 degrees Celsius. The months are hot. The depth of decline usually falls from December to February. Therefore, if you intend to travel to Ha Long Bay, you can avoid this period. The months from March to November are suitable for traveling and visiting Ha Long Bay. However, if you want to swim, go to Ha Long Bay during the summer from May to the end of September. From October, the weather will turn colder, so it is only suitable for sightseeing and sightseeing.


Image 2. Summer is the best time for you to travel to Ha Long Bay


3. Means of transportation when traveling to Ha Long

If you come from Hanoi or the provinces in the North, there are 2 main means for you to move: cars and motorbikes. Traveling by car, you can choose to take a bus or drive a private car. Buses to Ha Long usually gather at My Dinh, Luong Yen and Giap Bat bus stations and depart continuously to help you move easily. The trips are also usually about 5-15 minutes apart, so it is not difficult for you to arrange a suitable travel time. Buses from Hanoi to Ha Long have prices ranging from 100K - 200K/person/time.

For those who love to explore, you can travel Ha Long by motorbike. The distance from Hanoi to Ha Long is about 160km. If traveling by motorbike, it will take more than 3 hours to drive. However, along the way you can comfortably enjoy the natural scenery or stop to check in at your favorite places. Traveling by motorbike also helps you to be proactive in your time and schedule. However, it is necessary to make sure the handlebars are firm and carry vehicle documents as well as wear a safety helmet during your travel.

There are two routes to travel by motorbike from Hanoi for you to choose:

• Route 1 (155km): Hanoi - Bac Ninh - Pha Lai - Chi Linh - Dong Trieu - Uong Bi - Ha Long.

• Route 2 (160km): Noi Bai Airport - Bac Ninh - Pha Lai - Sao Do - Dong Trieu - Uong Bi - Ha Long.


Image 3. If traveling by motorbike, it is necessary to wear full safety gear


4. Transportation and sightseeing in Ha Long Bay

If you take a car to Ha Long, when you come here, you can rent a motorbike to freely visit tourist attractions in Ha Long city. In addition, you can also hire a taxi to move.

When visiting the Bay, you can rent a boat at Bai Chay tourist port, Tuan Chau international port, etc., the ticket price usually ranges from 100K - 300K / person depending on each sightseeing route. Going in a group or a group of many people, you can rent a boat by trip. The price of the train usually falls around 700k / trip from 4-6 hours.


Image 4. There are many bus services that travels to the Bay, choose wisely


In addition to chartering a boat, you can also choose to rent a seaplane to visit Ha Long Bay from above or take a cruise to visit the bay. Seaplane includes 2 seats for pilots and 12 seats for sightseeing passengers. However, compared to the price of ships, seaplanes are often more expensive.

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