Explore Huu Lung - The Beautiful Nature of Lang Son Province


Huu Lung, the southern gateway land of Lang Son, is one of the great destinations for you to enjoy great travel. Admire the peaceful scenery like a fairyland and discover the beauty of local culture and cuisine. Lingo would like to introduce you to Huu Lung travel experience - the beautiful nature of Lang Son province.



What's attractive about Huu Lung that makes travelers fall in love?

Is a southern district of Lang Son province, about 120km from Hanoi and is an attractive tourist destination with unique landscapes and cultural features. Huu Lung has many wonderful things waiting for visitors to come and discover.

Huu Lung possesses diverse landscapes, caves, rocky mountains, special-use forests, and beautiful waterfalls, especially unique community eco-tourism sites. Huu Lien is one of the most attractive highlights in Huu Lung, walking around this tourist commune, visitors will admire the wet rice valleys, and the houses on stilts lying halfway between the clouds and mountains like a mountain. The watercolor painting makes people's hearts fall in love.

This place makes people fall in love every season, this land is likened to a fairyland that is both poetic and romantic, with the rendezvous point being unspoiled places. Lost in Huu Lung, visitors will be overwhelmed by the wonderful beauty of nature.


Beautiful check-in locations in Huu Lung

When Check-in at Huu Lung, visitors will experience many interesting activities as well as the opportunity to explore many attractive destinations with unique landscapes.

Bắc Lệ Temple

This temple is located in Tan Thanh commune of Huu Lung district, Lang Son, is the place to worship the goddess Thuong Ngan, one of the top three in the Vietnamese Mother Goddess religion. Bac Le Temple often attracts tourists and pilgrims to visit and worship. The temple not only has unique architecture, but the wild scenery of this place will also make visitors fall in love.

Quan Giam Sat Temple

This is also a very famous temple in Viet Thang village, Hoa Lac commune of Huu Lung district, which is the place of worship of the Quan Giam of Lang Son province. The temple has very distinctive architecture and a peaceful setting.


Dong Lam steppe

This is one of the most famous landmarks of Huu Lung, 25 km north of Lang Son center. Coming to this plateau, visitors will admire the magnificent limestone mountains, vast grasslands, mossy waterfalls, and green lakes. With an area of 600m2 with diverse landscapes, on the mountain is a cave under the fields of thousands of green grass combined with a winding stream. This place is likened to the most wonderful paradise of Lang Son province.

Hữu Liên tourist area

This famous tourist area is located between two districts of Huu Lung and Bac Son with a diverse ecosystem and rich natural landscape. When checking in at Huu Lien, you will discover many interesting things, tropical forests, caves, rocky mountains, and spectacular waterfalls. In particular, the rice valley and the houses in the middle of the mountains are wonderful scenery that makes visitors fall in love.

Bắc Sơn Valley

This place is too famous on Huu Lung’s tourist map. Bac Son valley is located at an altitude of 500 to 1200m above sea level and is surrounded by hundreds of large and small mountains creating a very majestic scenery. In the early morning, when clouds still cover the mountains, watching the dreamy valley scenery makes anyone ecstatic. This is an attractive destination that you definitely cannot miss in Huu Lung.

Cấm Sơn River

This river flows from Huu Lung of Lang Son province to Luc Ngan of Bac Giang province. The river not only has the role of providing domestic water to irrigate the whole region but also possesses a beautiful landscape with a vast sea full of waves, surrounded by hills and enchanting valleys.

Chi Lăng Pass

Coming to Huu Lung, surely Ai Chi Lang is a place that you cannot ignore, this is the remnant of the Bac Son - Mai Pha civilization. Going deep inside, visitors will be able to see the wonderful natural scenery with caves, and discover the remains of artifacts such as stone axes, and pieces of stone. From Chi Lang pass, you can see rocky mountains and green valleys is a great experience.


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