English Jobs in Quang Ngai Province
Job category: Education
City/Province: Quang Ngai
Job type: Permanent full-time
The poster: Dane Truong
Job specifics:


It is widely believed that common reasons for quitting a job are conflicts between staff and leaders, delayed job development, or unpleasant working environment, etc. However, in fact, there are 89% of employees quitting their jobs due to unsatisfactory bonus payment. For those reasons, in addition to our appealing salary, IEC Quang Ngai provides for our staff with boarding and lodging support and extra 15%-30% of base salary.

IEC Quang Ngai offers various programs from preschool to grade 12, including iSchool, SGA, SNA, UKA.

1️⃣ Open positions:
- For Professional area, we are looking for:
+ Vietnamese teachers to teach subjects from kindergarten to high school levels.
+ Foreign teachers to teach English from kindergarten to high school levels.
+ Foreign teachers to teach subjects from elementary to high school according to the US standard program.
+ Teachers to teach STEM program
+ Teachers to teach “Generating young entrepreneurs” program, Life skills - leadership.
+ Information Technology Teachers.
+ Music Teachers, Physical Teachers.
+ Teaching assistants at all levels from primary to high school.

- For executive area, we are seeking for: Heads / Staff / Specialists of departments: 
+ Admissions counselors.
+ School counselors.
+ Educational quality and library management.
+ Boarding education management.
+ Administrative (office administration, reception, secretary ... for the school office).
+ Accounting department.
+ School medical staff.
+ IT department....

*You can search for further information by visiting our website:
- English: 
- Vietnamese: http://www.iec.com/en/tuyen-dung

2️⃣ Benefits:

???? Attractive salary, bonuses, and benefits based on KPI system and your personal performance.
???? Boarding and lodging support and extra 15%-30% of base salary for those whose permanent residential address in the household registration book is located outside Quang Ngai city
???? Transport expenses of travelling to your hometown.
???? Working in a international standardized environment with up-to-date facilities. 
???? Regular teaching methods trainings by academic mentors from educational leading countries. 
????Taking part in team-building activities and enhancing team-work skills.

3️⃣ Salary: negotiating based on job vacancies.

4️⃣ Minimum requirements for all vacancies:
✅ Degrees/Diplomas/Certificates and experiences regarding the vacancies.
✅ Certifications in English and teaching skills regarding the vacancies. 
✅At least 1-2 years of experience in education or/and at international schools. 
✅Creativity and proactiveness.
✅Teamwork, planning, and time management skills

Let’s join our team and we will together create a new-young-global generation.

Company information & Contact information:

IEC Quang Ngai - 230 Truong Chinh street, Nghia Lo ward, Quang Ngai city, Vietnam

6️⃣ Email: tuyendung@iec.com
Please do not forget to NOTE your JOB POSITION before forwarding your application to us.

7️⃣ Contacts:
- Fanpage: NHG Talent Network
- Hotline: 0255 730 1188

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