Location: 233E&F Đinh Tiên Hoàng, Tân Định Ward, District 1, TP.HCM

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With open space, 4 sides are glass doors and green trees, so from any corner of the cafe, people who love "virtual life" can easily get a sparkling and virtual image. 

Khong gian check-in an tuong tai Cafe 69 hinh anh 2

The coffee shop has a spacious and airy space, creating a comfortable and comfortable feeling for visitors. With four-sides covered by glasses. the cafe creates an impressive open space, surrounded by natural light that blends with green trees. So no matter which location in the shop you choose, the immediate vision will bring a magical beauty.

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The outside corridor is quite spacious and airy when receiving wind from Thi Nghe river, which is suitable for those who prefer a spacious seat. Each area inside the shop is arranged in a separate style and interior, for different types of customers. 

Khanh An friend (communication staff) shared: "When I first came to Cafe 69, I immediately like here. The airy and quiet atmosphere creates a pleasant feeling when I work here ". Also, a regular customer of the shop, Cuong Phan (student) said: "I like the impressive layout, filled with the green of the restaurant, so I often come to have coffee and study. Sometimes I don't want to leave, just want to sit and study at the shop all day."

Khong gian check-in an tuong tai Cafe 69 hinh anh 8

As a girl who likes to take pictures, she said that I had an album of photos with only one afternoon sitting in the shop with her close friends. On beautiful sunny days, any corner will have sunbeams through the trees, forming a sparkling image. 

Aiming to serve young people, the menu here is both delicious and eye-catching, with favourite drinks such as espresso, milk tea, fruit tea, crushed stone yoghurt.

Khong gian check-in an tuong tai Cafe 69 hinh anh 6

Everyday you can calm down and immerse yourself in rustic, deep acoustic music at the cafe. After studying and working hard, Cafe 69 will be a place to give you a feeling of relaxation, lightness and disengagement.

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