When it comes to Vietnamese cuisines, people often remember ‘pho’ or ‘bun bo’ - beef rice noodles but, ‘banh mi’ – Vietnamese sandwiches have gradually found a place in people’s hearts all around the world.


On travelers' quest for authentic food in Vietnam, the majority of them fall in love with ‘banh mi’ and make it a point to try in different parts of the country. Topped with an egg and the bread lightly toasted, ‘banh mi’ is really tasty. The spicy, salty, savory, sweet, and aromatic flavors are so delicious and they keep you savoring for more. Unlike an open fire, the brick oven and coal fuel retains moisture when baking. With high heat and steam, the bread becomes hollow, while the crust is still crunchy. This is also the difference between Vietnamese “banh mi” compared to Western baguette. Vietnamese people like this because it is not big like a French baguette.


To date, in almost every place where Vietnamese people appear, you will find at least one famous bakery selling “‘banh mi’”. We have Saigon “‘banh mi’” in New York, Bun Mee in San Francisco, and Famous Sandwiches in the US. We also have “‘banh mi’” Boys in Toronto, “‘banh mi’” of Exaltation in Calgary. “‘Banh mi’” has naturally become the "soul of Vietnam".



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