To get away: To escape, to go somewhere that is not your home. You can also use the noun “a getaway.”

Example: Last week, I had a great chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city to visit an ancient village in the countryside.

A thirst for adventure: strong desire for travelling/adventure

Get itchy feet: have a strong desire to travel

Example: I’ve always had a thirst for adventure and often get itchy feet so I decided to set out to a journey from the North to the South of Australia next month.

To find a gem: When you find a place where only locals go and other tourists don’t visit.

Example: Try to find a local guide when you visit a foreign country to successfully find a gem during your trip.

Arduous journey: difficult & tiring journey

Break the journey: stop for a short time during journey

Example: I had a arduous journey to the South of Vietnam last year. I thought I would break the journey somewhere but I finally did it all in one go.

Adventurous explorer: a traveler who is willing to do or try new and daring things

Have a stopover: Have a brief overnight stay in a place when on a long journey to somewhere else, usually by air

Example: I had a stopover in China on the way to Thailand, had a bit of a rest, and did the sights there before travelling on.

Low-cost airline: discount or budget airline

Put somebody on standby: make me wait to see if a seat become available

Example: Last week I got a flight on a low-cost airline to Paris. I then tried to get a flight to the UK but they were all full, so they put me on standby.

To take a red eye: To take a late night airline flight

Example: I had to take a red eye and now I’m exhausted.

Intrepid explorer: brave, with no fear of dangerous situations

Off the beaten track: An unusual route or destination

Example: My best friend is a intrepid traveler who has a real sense of adventure. He always love to set out on a journey off the beaten track

Unexplored wilderness

Example: I’m thirsty for a journey into unexplored wilderness and getting right off the beaten track.

To take the road less traveled: To do things differently and to think outside of the box.

Example: Adventurous travelers like to take the road less traveled when visiting a new country.

A real sense of adventure: the urge to explore beyond your daily surroundings and open yourself up to the adventure

To have wanderlust: To want to move around and see a lot of things around the world. To not want to stay in one place.

Example: I had a incurable case of wanderlust.

The first leg of the journey: the first segment of a journey; the first flight of a multi-flighttrip.

Example: The first leg of the journey got me to the UK but it just gave me very little indication of what lay ahead.

Off the beaten track (path):  in a place where few people go; unusual route/destination

Example: Most young travellers make the effort to get off the tourist trail and look for off the beaten path destinations to experience the raw beauty of the country.


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